Limmud presenters are as diverse as Jewish Seattleites - experts in a variety of fields, rabbis and scholars, performers and knowledgeable enthusiasts passionate about a Jewish topic or how their job or hobby intersects with Judaism. We're excited to put together a day of engaging Jewish learning for and by the community.

Part of the fun at Limmud is seeing yourself or a friend on the roster alongside world-renowned folks flying in to join our event. It’s just one of the things that makes Limmud events worldwide unique and successful.

Limmud Seattle is part of an award-winning global movement in 44 countries that:

  • - Brings together Jews of all ages and backgrounds
  • - Offers diverse, dynamic learning opportunities - from cooking lessons to Kabbalah, storytelling to songleading, a lecture or a long walk outside. 
  • - Provides unique interactions and experiences with Jewish music, art, literature, meditation, innovation, social justice, philosophy, film, poetry, text study and more
  • - Showcases locals and out-of-towners as session presenters (look who’s already confirmed!)

And, like Limmuds worldwide, Limmud Seattle is…

  • Values-driven. Respect, Diversity, Empowerment and more - and at the core, “Everyone should be a student, and anyone can be a teacher.”
  • Volunteer-powered. Like other volunteers, presenters pay to attend and learn, and are part of an enormous volunteer effort that makes Limmud possible (and amazing!). This is key to Limmud’s success worldwide.
  • - Community-building. All are welcome to be a part of creating Limmud and to learn together, without titles or entitlement.

Sound great? Want to submit a session proposal? Fantastic. Register right now, and in your confirmation email you’ll get a link to the session proposal form.

Got questions? Read our Presenter FAQ.