Who is Limmud Seattle for?


Limmud Seattle is for everyone interested in an engaging Jewish learning and cultural experience. It is open to people of all backgrounds and invites Jews of different ages and affiliations, or no affiliation at all, to explore values, share culture, discuss Jewish topics, and discover new ways of expressing their identities.

Childcare will be provided at a nominal fee so that parents and young families can participate. 

Who will present at Limmud Seattle?


At Limmud, everyone should be a student and anyone can be a teacher. Part of the fun is seeing yourself or a friend on our roster alongside world renowned folks flying in to join our event. Presenters are rabbis and professional educators; experts in their field; and knowledgeable attendees passionate about sharing their interest. Check out our growing list of presenters here.

Anyone can submit a session proposal, to be vetted and selected by the Programming Team. This inclusive process is fundamental to Limmud and a reason for its wide appeal. More info on this and registration coming soon! Sign up for updates on the home page.

How many people are expected?


In our first year, we aim to attract 450 attendees that reflect the amazing vibrancy and diversity of the Seattle Jewish community - affiliated and unaffiliated.

Who is planning Limmud Seattle?


Limmud Seattle is planned by a diverse and growing team of volunteers passionate about creating an incredible experience for our community as well as for their own learning and growth. Join us!

The more volunteers from across the community, the more Limmud Seattle will truly be by and for our community.


How can more people get involved with Limmud Seattle?


There are SO MANY ways to get involved, from now through the event: We invite you to join our board, steering committee, or any one of our planning teams (Programming, Marketing, Web/Tech, Facilities & Catering, Volunteer Development, Participant Care - details here). We also invite you to help at the event. Join us!

Are we getting help from any other Limmud organization(s)?


Yes! Limmud supports us through mentoring and advice; development seminars and a global network for sharing knowledge, experience and innovation, in person and online. We're connected with other Limmud planners around the world through document-sharing and an online discussion group, and a representative of Limmud North America gives us direct and ongoing guidance.