Join us in 2019 for a unique experience of engaging, hands-on learning in a community that celebrates Jewish diversity.  

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What is Limmud Seattle?

Limmud is a celebration of Jewish culture, creativity and learning like no other. It is based on the idea that everyone should be a student and anyone can be a teacher.



At Limmud you'll find an amazing mix of subjects and experiences: hands-on workshops, performances, panels, discussions, text study and more. Choose from multiple sessions every hour run by educators, artists, academics, performers, experts and enthusiasts. 

 Art * Music * Food * Social Action * Environment * Hands-on * Philosophy * History * Much more...

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Limmud Seattle is a great place to meet people, expand horizons and make an impact!



Limmud History

 Limmud is an award-winning global movement committed to unique values like Respect, Empowerment, Participation and Diversity and to harnessing the energy of the whole Jewish community, people of all ages and backgrounds.

Limmud started in 1980 in the UK. Today, volunteers run independent Limmud events in over 80 communities worldwide (44 countries!) for tens of thousands of participants each year.


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