Available Volunteer Roles and Tasks

Available Volunteer Roles and Tasks


Limmud volunteering is structured around teams, such as Programming, Marketing, and Participant Care, but within those teams individuals take on certain roles and tasks, and claim responsibility for making a little piece of the Limmud Seattle vision become a reality. To whet your appetite for contributing in a special way, here is a list of the current available Volunteer Roles and Tasks!


Marketing Team


Event Photographer (Saturday night only needed)

Capture the magic of Limmud for posterity AND for next year’s marketing materials. Any professional volunteering for this role (more than one = great) will be recognized as an in-kind donor on the Web site and in our event program booklet, and will receive appropriate photo credits.


Participant Care Team


Home Hospitality Coordinator 

The Home Hospitality Coordinator will lead efforts to secure weekend hosts for out-of-town presenters by recruiting, tracking and managing potential hosts while liaising with presenter liaisons on communications, logistics, etc. to keep them in the picture so they can communicate with presenters. They will also manage communications with hosts, including sharing guidelines and expectations, fielding questions, troubleshooting, etc. They will also liaise with the presenter travel coordinator as needed. Expected time commitment is 1-2 hours per week.


Programming Team


Food Drive Collector

The Food Drive Collector will pack up all food donation boxes into their vehicle, and keep them stored until dropping them off at JFS on Tuesday January 16th. They will have to have a vehicle large enough to fit all boxes, and have availability to stay until the end of the festival and transport food donations on January 16th. Expected time commitment 2-3 hours (depending on your commute!) between Sunday January 14th (at the very end of the festival) and Tuesday January 16th.


Web/Tech Team


CRM & Web Wrangler

The CRM & Web Wrangler will be responsible for helping maintain and update the website and CRM system. Expected time commitment is 0-1 hours per week.



Inspired to take on one of these roles or tasks, or want to contribute a different talent to Limmud? Sign up here or contact volunteer@limmudseattle.org.