The Seattle Limmudcast

The Seattle Limmudcast is a new podcast of interviews with past, present, and future Limmud Seattle presenters. It aims to be as wide ranging and informative as Limmud itself, bringing you thoughts and ideas in intimate interviews. Links to the episodes will direct you to SoundCloud, or you can listen on your phone by searching "The Seattle Limmudcast" on Apple Podcasts or Stitcher


Rochelle Wynne -- Writing an Ethical Will (posted May 13th, 2019)

Limmud Seattle 2019 presenter Rochelle Wynne discusses the ethical will, a letter written to your children and grandchildren to be read after your death about the values you hold dear. She discusses growing up in a household where talk of death was taboo, and how, in her thirties, her congregational rabbi inspired her to spread the word about ethical wills and Jewish ritual surrounding death. She encourages others to overcome their ethical-will-stumbling-blocks, and to pass on their beliefs and passions to the next generation. Interview by Tamar Libicki.


Paula Rose -- Engaging Kids' Curiosity at Seder (posted April 18th, 2019)

Limmud Seattle 2019 presenter Paula Rose urges us to think about what we want the guests at our Seder, and specifically the children, to come away with. She suggests adding points of surprise, curiosity, and engagement. Examples include adding a new tradition, a change in location, or saying “Ma Nishtana” in a new language. To illustrate this concept she discusses two Talmudic passages where the rabbis give tips on how to get the children to ask questions and stay awake. Interview by Tamar Libicki.


Shimon Emlen -- Matzah: Bread of Faith, Bread of Healing (posted April 11, 2019)

Limmud Seattle 2019 presenter Shimon Emlen talks all about matzah. From the basics, including the difference between hand-made shmura matzah and store bought box matzahs, to how the matzahs are made, and the spiritual significance of matzah. He also goes into detail about how he runs a model matzah bakery to inspire a love of matzah in children and adults. Interview by Tamar Libicki.


Linda-Jo Greenberg -- Tips for an Easier Passover (posted March 28, 2019)

Limmud Seattle 2019 presenter Linda-Jo Greenberg talks about how her lifelong love of Passover on the one hand, and lists on the other, led her to create a booklet, and teach a Limmud session, about how to make Passover prep “easier.” Her tips include: making a calendar of tasks, taking extraneous tasks off the list if you get overwhelmed, and including favorite family recipes to build excitement. Interview by Tamar Libicki.


Cara Abrams-Simonton and Robert Hovden -- Enabling Connections (posted March 14th, 2019)

Limmud Seattle 2019 presenters and co-chairs Cara Abrams-Simonton and Robert Hovden talk about how they first encountered Limmud and eventually decided to co-chair a festival. While co-chairing had its challenges, Cara and Robert speak of the joy of connecting with volunteers and participants, as well as the pleasure of introducing community members to one another. Robert explains how intentional succession planning makes each year new. Interview by Tamar Libicki.


Joshua Horowitz -- Researching and Playing Historical Music (posted on February 7th, 2019)

Limmud Seattle 2018 presenter Joshua Horowitz talks about how a resurgence of antisemitism that he observed while studying music in Austria in the 1980s led him to research and start playing historical Jewish music. He speaks about how his quest led him to searching out village musicians in Eastern Europe, combing archives and listening to old recordings, and finding historical musical instruments. He also discusses projects with his bands Varetski Pass and Budowitz. Interview by Carl Shutoff


Miriam Libicki -- Engaging in Jewish Identity through Comix (posted on January 24th, 2019)

Limmud Seattle 2018 presenter Miriam Libicki talks about her process for creating autobiographical and non-fiction comics. She discusses how her comics have led to meaningful connections and served as a therapeutic outlet. She also talks about her use of childlike faces to make hard subjects more accessible and using an avatar to embody her personal perspective. Interview by Tamar Libicki conducted on 12/13/18.


Colin Marshall -- Spinoza's Divine Joy of Knowledge (posted on January 8th, 2019)

Limmud Seattle 2019 presenter Colin Marshall discusses the philosophy of Baruch Spinoza. A 17th century philosopher who was born and raised Jewish, Spinoza was exiled from his community in Amsterdam for his radical ideas questioning organized religion. Colin discusses Spinoza's views of G-d, religion, and the pursuit of knowledge. Interview by Sergey Feldman.


Limmudcast Pilot Episode - Karen Trieger -- Writing a Holocaust Memoir (posted on December 30th, 2018)

Limmud Seattle 2019 presenter Karen Treiger discusses the writing process for her book "My Soul is filled with Joy: a Holocaust Story." She talks about wanting to write the story about her in-laws Sam and Esther Goldberg for a long time then finally quitting her job and devoting three years to making it happen. This included research that led to meeting the Stys family who saved Sam and Esther, and connecting with a long-lost cousin Yusuf 'Idu' Lys. Interview by Tamar Libicki.



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