Every Limmud program around the world is produced by volunteers who join teams that play to their strengths and develop new ones.

Teams help with every aspect of Limmud, ranging from marketing the event to choosing the sessions to managing the venue and much more.


Logistics Team

This team is the engine that keeps Limmud Seattle humming at the event, leading on-site operations, coordinating delicious and affordable food, overseeing security, and liaising with the event facility up to and including the event. Logistics works closely with Participant Care to take care of the on-site logistical and practical aspects of the conference.


Marketing Team

The Marketing Team develops a proactive and exciting marketing campaign with the goal of broadening our outreach and ensuring that Limmud Seattle is attended by a diverse group of people representative of the greater Seattle community. Their responsibilities include creating dynamic print and web materials, coordinating person-to-person outreach, and social media campaigns.


Participant Care Team

The Participant Care Team is at the heart of Limmud Seattle. This team designs all aspects of the participant experience, from on-site logistics to maximizing interaction and overall ensuring everyone has a great time. This team oversees participant comfort, registration and check-in, greening and recycling, and ambiance.This team is also responsible for creating the “shuk” - a marketplace for local vendors and presenters.


Programming Team

The Programming Team plans and coordinates all discussions, panels, performances, presentations, and workshops at the annual Limmud Seattle conference. Our volunteers recruit presenters from all walks of Jewish life, reflecting the diversity of Limmud Seattle participants. They also have the opportunity to design and edit the Limmud Seattle conference program book. While at the conference, Programming Team members help coordinate all AV and session needs for artists, performers, and presenters - making our volunteers an integral part of running the conference itself!


Volunteer Development Team

Limmud Seattle's annual conference is planned by volunteers of all ages and backgrounds. The Volunteer Development Team helps everyone who wants to volunteer find the right team and/or task leading up to the conference. Most importantly, it works to keep the volunteers enthusiastic and motivated throughout the planning year.  The role of this team is to ensure that volunteers are supported and having fun.


Web/Tech Team

The Web/Tech team maintains the website, which will be the place where people will learn about the conference, sign up for the mailing list, volunteer opportunities, registration, etc. They will also be in charge of the behind-the-scenes database and archive of documents.


Inspired to join a team? Sign up here or contact volunteer@limmudseattle.org.