We Need You!

Posted by Jennifer Fisch on September 08, 2017 10:25 AM



There’s something unique about Limmud: Each event is designed and created by volunteers within the community in which it is held — and the event is best when people from the diverse threads of the Jewish community participate.  

Some who volunteer already have strong connections to the Jewish community. For others, the draw is that Limmud offers something that can be hard to find — a way to connect Jewishly that is personally meaningful and relevant.   

“I was looking for a stimulating volunteer opportunity with when some friends told me about Limmud. I like using my organization skills, and I wanted a challenge, and I was surprised and pleased at what a wonderful learning opportunity this has been. I formed a good team and I realized I didn’t need to know how to do everything — I just need to work with people who could do what needed to be done.   

I hope everyone gets involved to see what it’s all about. You can meet new people, learn new skills and be part of something really big.” - Margot, Marketing Team lead  

There are so many ways you can plug in as a volunteer - you can be part of a team, work on one or more time limited projects or just help out on the day of the event.     Here are the teams:    

•Facilities and Catering    


•Participant Care    


•Volunteer Development    


If being on a team seems overwhelming or more than you want to commit to - no problem.  There are plenty of time limited tasks that are available - write, make phone calls, make deliveries, help with scheduling programs, and so many more.    

Or, help out on the day of the event with registration, welcoming, help with food, etc..  

Let’s make the inaugural Limmud Seattle an event to remember? We WANT you!  

So, what’s around the bend of your Jewish adventure?   

Find out more and/or sign up here or contact volunteer@limmudseattle.org for more info. 


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