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What is Limmud?


Limmud is a global movement
of independent, volunteer-run
Jewish learning events.

Started in the UK in 1980, there are now 89 Limmud groups in 42 countries! While each Limmud group is independent, we are all connected by common values, training and community, shared across the globe.

From Mallorca to Atlanta, from Bulgaria to Haifa, and from Shanghai to Seattle, Limmud brings Jewish communities together. Limmud Seattle is fortunate to be a part of the greater Limmud family and to draw on other Limmud groups' experience.


Watch the video:

Our first Limmud Seattle
January 13-14, 2018


Feedback from 2018 participants

“This was a WONDERFUL learning experience and I am very glad that I attended.”

"Great OPPORTUNITY for individuals to get involved regardless of how much or little time they have to give.

THANK YOU so much for bringing this GREAT GIFT TO SEATTLE!

“So much FUN! Loved that there were people from so many different parts of our community there!”

LOVED the whole experience!”


Limmud is worldwide phenomenon
of grass-roots Jewish learning events.

Limmud "festivals" bring together Jews from a wide range of backgrounds, affiliations and geographic locations to create a unique learning experience.

While structured much like a typical conference with a schedule of sessions for participants, Limmud is also radically different in its approach to who leads sessions, what topics to include, and the approaches taken.

We are inspired by the Limmud value: "Everyone should be a learner and anyone can be a teacher."

From that, we work to empower all voices, welcoming everyone to share session proposals. We also recognize the strength of providing a space where spiritual, emotional, and intellectual connections are made, and to make use of that space, we invite and encourage prospective presenters to think creatively about engaging participants in many ways.

The first Limmud Seattle was held on January 13-14, 2018. We aimed for 450 participants, sold out, and attracted 550 participants, including 80 presenters! Thanks to overwhelmingly positive response from the community, we are aiming for 650 participants for our 2019 Festival.


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